Puma is beta-testing NEW self-lacing shoes, competing with Nike

Just weeks after Nike announced its smart bluetooth Nike Adabt BB sneakers (HERE), Puma has upped the game by introducing its Fit Intelligence “Fi” platform. Where Nike’s self-lacing kicks were aimed at basketball players, Puma’s are made for a wider audience of athletes who do workouts and light running. According to Puma’s announcement, the new tech “employs a micromotor to power a uniquely configured cable system that ‘laces’ the shoe… It comes with a smart sensing capability that learns the shape of the foot of each user and adapts the fit of the shoe to the individual.” The Fi training shoe – a successor to Puma’s 2016 self-lacing AutoDisc shoe – will be available in 2020. To apply to beta-test the new tech, apply via the PUMATRAC app.