“The Good Place” found a brilliant way to keep its audience entertained between seasons

NBC’s “The Good Place” is breaking new ground. The show has been a critical darling for its first two seasons, earning praise for its originality, twists, and ability to balance philosophy with comedy. But especially in the age of show bingeing, a notable problem for networks is how to keep an audience engaged between seasons. It’s looking like “The Good Place” has started to break the code.

The second season of the TV show ended in February, and by the end of May, “The Good Place: The Podcast” had begun to air. The podcast is hosted by actor Marc Evan Jackson (who plays Shawn on the TV show), and has so far published 14 weekly episodes which have continued to grow in popularity. “Holy motherforking shirtballs!” announces the podcast page. “Subscribe and you’ll get weekly behind-the-scenes stories, episode and performance insights and funny anecdotes.”

Here’s a highlight from Chapter 1, part of a conversation with show creator Michael Schur, who is also known for his work on “The Office,” “Parks and Recreation,” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”:

“The Good Place” 1-hour premiere for season 3 is September 27.