Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini are BEST FRIEND GOALS in this hilarious interview

Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini have been making the rounds promoting their upcoming movie “Second Act,” and showing off some serious BEST FRIEND GOALS vibes in the process. In this interview, Jen tries to answer the host’s questions while Leah chimes in from the sidelines to tease her bestie about who picks up the check, and whether Jen is a Charlotte or a Carrie (from Sex and the City). Jen gets in a zinger too, saying that Leah is a Samantha because she’s “the sl*tty one!” These two are hilarious together. First check out the interview here:

And then (we’ve helped by doing the Googling for you), here’s the music video for the song Jen says gets her pumped up – L’Trimm’s “Cars That Go Boom” by Le Tigre and Bunny. “And if you don’t know about it,” Jen says, “you SHOULD know about it.” Advice worth taking when it comes from J-Lo herself:

Catch Jen and Leah’s new movie “Second Act” when it’s released December 21.