NSYNC will reunite in 2017

Lance Bass say NSYNC will reunite at some point in 2017. Bass told Entertainment Tonight that the band will be getting their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this year. “We’ll all be there! We just have to decide on a date. We’re terrible at planning things.” Bass also revealed that they are releasing, “a really cool vinyl edition of our Christmas album because it’s coming up on the 20 years of that album. “

Emma Watson is certain that Belle does not suffer from Stockholm Syndrome in Beauty and the Beast. Watson told Entertainment Weekly that she ddid some research on it and that Belle, “has none of the characteristics of someone with Stockholm Syndrome because she keeps her independence. She keeps that freedom of thought.” Watson takes on the beloved role of Belle in the live action reboot of the classic story due in theaters in March.

Whoopi Goldberg offered to sit with Tiffany Trump at Fashion week after reports on social media that no one wanted to be seated next to her at fashion shows. “You know what, Tiffany, I’m supposed to go to a couple more shows. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I’m coming to sit with you,” Goldberg said on The View. “Because nobody’s talking politics. You’re looking at fashion. She doesn’t want to talk about her dad. She’s looking at the fashion.” Trump accepted Goldberg’s offer in a tweet.