Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth reflected on the death of their former co-star Luke Perry during their appearance on Today to promote the upcoming reboot of Beverly Hills 90210.”The timing was something that seemed horrific, but in a weird sort of universal way it was a way for us to be together during an incomprehensible, painful time and I think that that was really good for all of us,” said Garth. “He was with us every second of the time.”

ABC announced that Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan will all be returning for the new season of American Idol. The network also revealed that they are still in discussions with Ryan Seacrest. ABC’s President of Entertainment Karey Burke said that the host was still in talks to return to the show but that it had not yet closed his deal. “I do not believe that he will be missing [from American Idol]. We’re in ongoing conversations about Ryan returning and I am hopeful,” she said.

Bam Margera is reportedly headed to see Dr. Phil for help after a series of troubling social media posts over the weekend. The Jackass star begged Dr. Phil for his help in the posts. “Dr. Phil, I’ve seen 28 doctors, I’ve been to four rehabs,” Margera said in one video . “When I went to my last rehab, they put me on more medication than I was on when I was out. When I’m out, I have Adderall and then some weird s–t, I’ll tell ya all about it.